The ~Notorious~ Toss Bouquet

“Alright, it’s that time of the night where we need all of the single ladies on the dance floor to catch the bouquet!” the DJ yells into the microphone. You try to make eye contact with your other single friend to roll your eyes, but she is already sprinting to the bathroom to avoid the awkward few minutes that are about to happen next. Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” comes over the speakers and the next thing you know the bride’s two crazy single cousins are on the dance floor trying to outdo each other on the dance sequence to the song. You slowly start backing away to the bar hoping not to draw attention to yourself when your drunk married bestie screams, “Girl you better get on the dance floor! You are SO single! This is your time to shine!”, and then grabs your arm and forces you onto the floor. You awkwardly make your way to the back of the small group on the dance floor, and wait for the bride to throw her bouquet. She faces the group to secretly figure out who she wants to throw it to, and then turns around and gives her best attempt at backwards trajectory. It either hits the chandelier or ceiling first, and then falls to the ground right in front of one of her crazy single cousins who picks it up faster than you can blink and starts screaming. Or better yet, it falls to the ground and NO ONE picks it up because they do not want that curse thrown upon them. Either way, the song concludes, and you go back to the bar to pretend that whole thing didn’t just happen.

Abby Fox Photography

Abby Fox Photography

So brides, on behalf of your single friends, this begs us to ask the question: is the toss bouquet and single ladies dance actually necessary? If you are starting to rethink it, let us convince you with this alternative event that still requires a flower bouquet!

Michelle Star Photography

Michelle Star Photography

The Anniversary Dance!

You have probably already watched this at a wedding before, but if not, let us explain! Have your DJ announce that all married couples need to make their way onto the dance floor. The music will start and everyone will begin slow dancing. The DJ then starts counting down the number of years married, for example, “If you have been married for one year or less, please leave the dance floor.” If you have been married for more than one year, you would stay dancing on the dance floor. As the DJ keeps calling higher and higher numbers, the couples slowly start leaving the dance floor. The DJ will keep calling out numbers until there is only one couple left on the dance floor. For the most part, it’s usually one of the grandparents or a close family friend. They will announce how long they have been married, and everyone applauds and cheers. It is such a sweet moment! Once you have a winner, then you should give them the floral bouquet and get a picture with them.

Katie Grace Photography

Katie Grace Photography

This is just our suggestion if you are unsure on whether to do a toss bouquet or not! If you really have your heart set on throwing the bouquet to your friends, do it! We will support you no matter what. If you are looking for something different, then the Anniversary Dance may be exactly what you are looking for. Either way, it’s your day! We are just here to provide you with magical blooms ;)

Best Wishes,

The Glamour and Grit Team

Kendra and Anthony's Magical Winter Wedding

Remember back in December when we were all wondering where the snow was? Well, we found it! Michigan is definitely turning into Antarctica this week, and I’m thankful that we didn’t have this crazy weather for the weddings we had earlier in the winter! Speaking of those weddings…..we are so excited to finally be sharing this December wedding on the blog today!

Kendra and Anthony - December 1st, 2018

Kendra and Anthony’s wedding was a dream. So classy, so sophisticated, and just simply elegant. With white blooms being the focal point of the decor, the Glamour and Grit team had a fun time using various types of Roses, Hydrangeas, Ranunculus, and Calla Lilies in the arrangements. We brought in white Christmas trees onto the perimeter of the dance floor, which made for the perfect backdrop during their first dance.

They chose Dan Terpstra as their photographer, and we loved the fact that he had preview pictures for them later that night! Looking over these photos, we are so happy with how the elegance of the day was captured.

We wish Kendra and Anthony a lifetime of happiness, and hope you enjoy the photos below:



Photography: Dan Terpstra //

Church: First Protestant Reformed Church

Venue: Clearwater Place //

Portrait Photo Location: JW Marriott //

Cake: Cakabakery //